Woman with both hands to her head, with an exasperated look of confusion on her face.
Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

Image titled ‘The art of hippocrisy’. Picture of a hippo with a thought bubble. In the thought bubble is says here comes another killer idea tm. Rain drops fall from the cloud. In the rain are the words disruption, gut-driven, unplanned work, JFDI and chaos. There is an umbrella with the words active listening, data, collaboration, humility and respect. Underneath the umbrella a face with sunglasses is sheltering.
Always ready to rain on your parade — Image, me.

If you want to stop something, make it difficult, if you want to start, make it easy.

Manneken Pis: Celebrated Prince of Urine-Fountains

Sam Higham

Full-time rambler, part-time product specialist. Love finding and creating joy in products, and supporting the people that are passionate about the same.

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